Shine TV coming to Freeview Satellite

Shine TV will soon be available to even more people through Freeview Satellite. Here’s the info:

  • From April 1 you’ll be able to find us on Channel 25 on Freeview Satellite
  • Freeview Satellite is also known as DTH (Direct to Home) and is different to terrestrial Freeview
  • You will need a satellite dish and a Freeview satellite decoder/receiver – but don’t worry if you don’t have these, we hope to be able to help you get both! Stay tuned for a special offer.
  • Freeview Satellite means that Shine TV has the potential to reach the entire country!


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About the author

  • Grabate

    But still no Trackside on Freeview.

  • bobscoffee

    And once again Freeview Terrestrial is left out in the cold.

  • nzgabriel

    Shine is also available free to air in Christchurch and is on the Sky platform too.

  • The

    What about the BBC stations on freeview, they have much better show than the crappie NZ station, they have “Murder she wrote” just to name one, you can get their programs off Internet, so when will BBC stations come to freeview and give us quality not vomit medicine?

  • red

    can sum1 explain why a lot of the broadcasters put their channels on the satellite platform and not the terrestrial one??

    any new channels coming soon to terrestrial in the future??

  • bobscoffee

    Would be great if the new 24 hour ABC News channel was broadcast into NZ, but probably won’t happen though.

  • claire anne cyrus

    theres plenty of international christian channel on optus d 2, and shine tv will be great on optus d 1 satelite.   for more info see by going to the channel page.   I’m not quite sure if sbs and channel 7 australia still available on optus c 1 now d 3.    international 24 hour news on d 2 russia today and press tv  plus tv 3 like shows channel nhk japan or go to and go to optus d 2 page.   thanks hope this info can help anyone