The Conspiracy Files Series Finale: Bombers

BBC WORLD NEWS – Saturday 16 January, 9.10pm

The official story is that 7th July was the worst-ever terrorist attack in London carried out by four Muslim suicide bombers. But a growing number of people believe there was a conspiracy by the British Government to kill its own citizens to justify increasing State control, jettisoning civil liberties and a security crackdown on the Muslim community. They argue that Muslims have nothing to gain, and a lot to lose, by bringing terror to Europe. Most counter-theories suggest the four men were patsies who thought they were going to be delivering drugs, money, confidential documents, or other material to various locations round London, or even dummy bombs to test out London’s defences, but were deceived, set up and murdered.

Replayed: Sundays at 7.10am & 3.10pm

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