Top stories on ONE News and 3 News tonight

ONE News

1. Haiti update – BBC
2. Haitians fleeing town – BBC
3. Auckland teacher alive in Haiti
4. Haiti looting – Live cross, Rafael Romo, CNN
5. Charges to be laid over house move crush

3 News

1. Haiti update – ITV
2. NZ family reunion after Haiti earthquake – Mike McRoberts
3. Haitian survivors – CBS
4. NZ musicians’ mother alive in Haiti
5. Haiti aid – CBS


ONE News says the death toll is now said to be as high as 140,000, 3 News says 200,000. I know these are all estimates and difficult to ascertain but they change so wildly from night to night that I wonder how useful these figures are when there’s so little certainty.

3 News’ story filed by Mike McRoberts was heartwrenching.  After all of the updates on both bulletins (and every other media outlet in the country) about the NZ family in Haiti, seeing them reunited was incredibly moving.

Mike McRoberts is the closest to the action in Haiti of any of the NZ reporters we’ve seen – I wonder if he will be going over to Haiti to report.  He does such a great job on those types of assignments, I hope he can get in there.

Verdict: 3 News

What did you think of tonight’s news bulletins?

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