Top stories on ONE News and 3 News tonight

ONE News:

1. Whaling clash
2. Northland fire danger highest in 20 years
3. Rain in Otago/Southland
4. Search for rapist continues
5. Hone Harawira speaks at peace festival (Live cross, Alexi O’Brien)

3 News:

1. Whaling clash
2. Fire in Gisborne (Breaking news)
3. Football attack in Angola
4. All Whites’ Response
5. Search for convicted rapist


3 News had more video footage of the Ady Gil just before the crash.  Both had video footage of the boat taking on water.  3 News also said they would add more to the story at 6:30pm, covering the “personal loss” aspects.  3 News surprised me when they said the Ady Gil wasn’t insured (maybe no-one would insure them).

The “breaking news” fire story on 3 News wasn’t covered in the lead stories by ONE News – but according to Radio New Zealand’s report, the fire service were called out at 4:30pm and it looked pretty serious.  They updated their story at 6:41pm to say it was safely all under control.  I can’t find anyone else covering the story.

The rain in Otago/Southland story didn’t seem to warrant position #3 on ONE News.

There didn’t seem to be too much to comment on tonight.

Side note: the American raving about hangi food at the peace festival was hilarious.

Verdict: Tie

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