Alison Mau hits back

After all the rumor and speculation of the last few weeks, Alison Mau has called for an end to the creepy guy in the Toyota Corolla station wagon stalking her.

HT: Dan News

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  • Elmo

    On ya Ali!

  • Rachel

    Awesome clip! Go Ali!

    I hope she never does a story with them again.  Love how she put up the email address of the editor.

  • samofthewest

    Ali rocks! Pippa looks a little unconfortable but Ali is right and she has every right to her personal life!

  • aaronimpact

    She looks so hot.

  • Fozzy Bear

    Hells yeah! Go Ali, Lay the smackdown!

    Desperate, creppy little tabloid mag ‘women’ making up any old $%^#

    Mau 1 – Crap Womens Mags 0

  • Cathie

    Yes, she does deserve privacy but I don’t believe national tv is the place for TV staff to air their grievances.  Personally I don’t watch breakfast to get dragged into other people’s spats!


  • Anneka Voyce

    I like Ali, always lliked her. It must be hard, it must be a very difficult situation, having all this going on and then having to present breakfast in the midst of it all, however I think it was a bit unprofessional and her rant went on a bit, I think she should have stopped with the photo explainations and not gone into all this…’when it is going to stop?, its creepy etc’, because as she agreed she is in the public eye and this is what goes in magazines.


  • anna365

    And there would have plenty of occassions where she would have PROFITED from featuring in those mags

  • Dianne

    I am not enjoying these two women on the Breakfast TV. Leave Ali to the news. Hurry back Paul, before Ali totally destroys the program. I have always enjoyed Pippa along with Paul, but I hate these two women together, bantering/talking to each other. I find them affected blondes.NAF for me.

  • IN the know

    Is today’s Herald article a slip up or does somebody have an exclusive, been told to hold off on the report until it’s announced officially?



    Paul Henry. File photo / Norrie Montgomery

    Paul Henry. File photo / Norrie Montgomery

    Former Breakfast co-host Paul Henry’s comment that homosexuality was “unnatural” was framed to encourage discussion about letting homosexual couples adopt children, the Broadcasting Standards Authority has ruled.

  • I just saw that and came here to see if anyone knew anything…. I think it’s a mistake.

  • Miles Lacey

    A television show that is supposed to be a current affairs show should not be a forum for any TV presenter to bring up their personal lives.  It’s unprofessional.  Just because that sort of gutter trash reality TV style of news presentation is all the rage in the U.S, especially on Fox News, it has no place here in New Zealand.

    And, here’s a note to those who blame the women’s mags, they only ramble on about the same handful of celebrities because the readers encourage it.  I’m sure that if the readers told the editors in no uncertain terms they don’t want this crap they will pull the plug.

    Unless the rumours are true that our print media is all Australian owned and they don’t care about what we think…

  • Rachel

    I’d say it’s a mistake re “former host”.