Jockey Fashion Show

Task: Put on a fashion show which exhibits the latest innovation in women’s underwear from jockey; the next generation of the no panty line promise range

The Twist: One person from each team will be a model

Project Managers:
No. 8: Daniel Phillips
Athena: Karen Reid

Budget: $1000 per team

Athena meet with Tanya Foster from Pacific Brands.

No. 8 meet with Tessa Benham, Jockey’s Product Development Manager.  Paul Natac asks her about feminine hygiene.  Dave Wyatt says his main knowledge about women’s underwear is taking them off, not putting them on.

Athena: Cafe Benediction
No. 8: Les Mills

Lee Davies disagrees with the venue decision.  Catherine Livingstone spends $300 of the budget on make-up.

Lee faces off with Rich Henry and Chris Whiteside and calls them out for poor communication and a lack of professionalism and that when it comes to the boardroom they might be in for a surprise.

No 8: Chris Whiteside
Athena: Linda Slade

No. 8 don’t leave the judges with a very good impression when they use the wrong product.

Athena don’t impress the judges either after leaving them waiting for fifteen minutes with nothing to do after the arrived early but the show pays off.

In the boardroom:
No. 8 win the creativity and originality part of the task but Athena win the presentation side of the challenge and the overall brand integration.

Task Winner: Athena

Taking a helicopter to the 140ft super catamaran Island Passage

In the firing line:
Daniel Phillips, Paul Natac and Lee Davies

Lee Davies

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  • aaronimpact

    The show has turned to rubbish. The mens team are testosterone filled boofheads.

    I so want Linda to take it out and make a mockery of the show.


  • regan

    Was it just me or was there some very suspect editing in tonight’s show?