The Apprentice New Zealand - S01E01 (Live Blog)

A $200,000 job with Terry Serepisos’ company Century City, luxury accomodation and a BMW 3 Series car.  That’s what’s on offer for the winner of The Apprentice New Zealand.

At the very first meeting between the contestanst and the boss, Terry says he’s been told that he has 14 of New Zealand’s best business prospects in front of him.  He’s a straight shooter.  He says he can read everyone like a book.  He warns them not to lie to him.

Two $3,000 a night penthouse suites at the CityLife hotel in Auckland are where the two teams will be staying.

The two teams are men vs women. Number 8 and Athena.

Project Manager for the first task from Athena is Kim Laurenson who is nominated by the girls for being an all rounder.  For the guys, they draw straws and David Wyatt finds himself as project manager for Number 8.

The job interview begins with each team being given a Rinnai BBQ each.  The challenge, sell BBQ’d food.

In the war rooms, Number 8 want to target people who are spending $6-$10 for lunch.  The girls

There are two locations.  Either Freyberg Square and Queen Elizabeth Square.  Athena want Freyberg Square.  They scout out the locations and when they see that there is already a vendor at Queen Elizabeth square, they’re happy to secure Freyburg Square.  Number 8 want Queen Elizabeth Square but the location they decide on isn’t where the council permit is for.

The guys have decided to buy their food in the morning before they’re supposed to start selling while the girls bought the food the day before.  Both teams need to have a council health inspection before they can start to sell.  The health inspector calls at 10am where Number 8 discovers they’re in the wrong place. They can’t move locations in time so the inspector has to come back later.

Eventually, Number 8 gets started selling at 11:30, half an hour behind schedule.

At Athena, the discounting begins as the sales start to dry up and sausages are being sold for $1.50 while Number 8’s gourmet range are being sold from $2 – $5 each.

Athena take a tray of sausages out onto the streets which contravenes the licesnse they have from the council so those sales won’t count.

In the boardroom:
David calls Thomas the strongest and Paul, the weakest link in the challenge.
Paul mispronounces Terry Serepisos’ surname and gets corrected.
John grills the girls about making too much noise and disturbing the peace during the task.
Athena’s total: $511.50
Number 8’s total: $711.00

Winning team: Number 8
Reward: Dinner at Dine by Peter Gordon

Back in the boardroom:
Kim calls Kirsty and Catherine back into the boardroom with her to face being fired.
Catherine attacks Kim for being a poor leader.  Kim uses we and us while Catherine thinks she should be using I and me. 
Terry isn’t sure why Kirsty was even in the boardroom.
Kim is fired. In the taxi afterwards she says that, unlike Catherine, she didn’t lie and warns that if you lie on your CV, you will get caught.

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  • Ms. Mary A. Epps

    Is this not the same show that Donald Trump has?.  I sure hope you make sure he gets paid!.

  • El D

    Well done Ms Mary A. Epps… you’re a sharp one.

    It’s an international format reality show which has more than 20 country-specific incarnations, including Australia, the UK, Ireland, Brazil and Germany.

    You can be sure Mr Trump got paid… but possibly not as much as Mark Burnett.