Torchwood: Children Of Earth Premiere

10:30pm Wednesday, February 10 on TV2

The Torchwood team are back on our screens, tonight on TV2, as an ominous force takes control of the planet’s children.

As we rejoin Captain Jack (John Barrowman), Gwen (Eve Myles) and Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd), the trio are still coming to terms with the tragic loss of their colleagues, Owen and Tosh – but life continues apace for the secretive extra-terrestrial investigators, as they come face to face with their deadliest threat yet. All around the world, the children of Earth stop in their tracks, and begin channelling a chilling message from an alien presence, which warns of their imminent arrival.

It soon becomes clear the government knows more than it should about the visitors, who go by the sinister moniker ‘The 456’, and a death warrant is issued against the Torchwood team, sending them on the run for their lives.

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  • morgan28d

    why on so late? considering many fans would have downloaded this last year

  • Echo

    What was with the scenes edited in tonights ep, Day 2?? I thought it felt a bit jilted. The two I picked up were when Ianto was talking to his sister in the park, and then when Clem was chanting in the pub, there were some parts of the scene missing! Very annoying! If this was for time, it didn’t work considering it still ran over!