A Caravan Airship on Top Gear

7:30pm Sunday, March 7 on Prime

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Tonight, Jeremy and Richard settle the thorny issue of which company has, above all others, made the greatest number of truly brilliant cars by driving various models of Lancia cars throughout the British countryside. They also have a night race against a Morris Marina and Jeremy hits the track in a remarkable replica of a Lancia Hawk Stratos – how will it perform?

James has a novel solution for getting caravans to campsites without clogging up the roads by taking the helm of a caravan airship and attempting to fly it to a caravan park. However, because he doesn’t have a tow car, he asks Richard to drive a tow car for him to the caravan park – Richard chooses to drive a Lamborghini Balbonne. But will James make it to the caravan park before Richard arrives?

Chris Evans (TV broadcaster, BBC Radio 2’s Breakfast Show DJ-elect and all-round petrolhead) also stars in the Reasonably Priced Car.

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