Adam Rickitt to leave Shortland Street

Adam Rickitt – who plays barman Kieran Mitchell –  is set to leave Shortland Street, confirmed in his video diary released today.  He was told by producers two weeks ago that Kieran would be written out sometime in June/July.

Adam is to focus on reviving his music career back in the UK, along with other TV and film projects in Hollywood.

The loss of heart-throb Adam Rickitt will be huge for the show.

It is also possible – but not confirmed – that Kimberley Crossman leaves the soap as well.  Kimberley plays Sophie McKay, who recently married Kieran Mitchell.  She is currently overseas filming for Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Awards and has three weeks off from Shortland Street.  In a recent Sunday magazine article, Kimberley talked of her plans to audition for roles in Hollywood.  It is also unusual that a Shortland Street star gets permission to film for a rival network while still contracted to the show.

Update: Good news for fans of Kimberley Crossman: she is not leaving the show.

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