Fight Science: Stealth Fighters

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC – Monday 15 March, 9.30pm

The element of surprise is a critical part of all forms of combat. While stealth is an essential ingredient in modern weapons of war, it was long ago honed to an art form. The art of stealth in martial arts involves four elements: disguised attacks, hidden defences, infiltration and evasion. These elements form the framework for a series of tests designed to reveal the secrets of fighting with stealth. A team of technical specialists, sports physiologists and biomechanical engineers test the skills of a group of elite martial artists under extreme conditions to comprehend the stealthy skills they employ in their fighting techniques. Investigate Capoeira, the dance-like fighting style of Afro-Brazilian slaves; look at the elusive nature of Qi (Chi) through the amazing feats of a Shaolin master; examine the clandestine skills of Ninjas; and test the leaping mastery of Free Runners in this investigation into the art of stealth.

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