On Q+A this Sunday

Minister of Science, Research & Technology and Minister of Defence, Dr Wayne Mapp, joins Guyon Espiner to discuss ways our science institutions grow this country’s wealth and spawn new companies? And as the SAS comes under fire in Kabul, we look at the Willie Apiata Factor and ask who are our friends and enemies?

Then, continuing the science theme, Paul Holmes talks to Neville Jordan, the Chair of the Crown Research Institute Taskforce and the only New Zealander to launch a company on the NASDAQ, about how he wants to rev up those “powerful engines of economic growth”

Dr Rick Boven, head of the NZ Institute and former Green Party MP, Sue Bradford join Paul Holmes & Dr Therese Arseneau on the panel.

Q + A is broadcast live 9-10am Sunday on TV ONE and repeated at 9.10pm on Sunday nights and 10.10am and 2.10pm on Mondays on TVNZ 7.

(TVNZ 7 screens on Freeview Channel 7 and Sky TV Channel 97).

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