Selling ice cream

Apprentice contestan Daniel Phillips is tweeting the episode live.  @I_am_Dan_P

This week, the job applicants meet Terry Serepisos in a giant freezer.  This week he wants to see who really are the kings of sales after the girls sold more units than the guys a few weeks back but at a lower price.  They meet Johnny Hamlin from Streets Icec Cream who introduces their new Magnum Ice Cream Sandwich.

The task is simple.  Sell them to the public.

Thomas Ben steps up as project manager for Number 8 while Kirsty Parkhill takes the reigns for Athena.

The teams have a small marketing budget and can choose any location in Auckland to sell.

First step is to secure a meeting with the Streets executives.  Kirsty and Thomas play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to determine who takes the 12pm appointment.  Thomas wins but forgets to call and book it.  When Kirsty calls and is given the option, she keeps to the 12:30pm appointment despite Nicky Clarke begging her to take the 12pm.

Number 8 hit Queen St after meeting the Streets executives to do some market research. Athena strategise and come up with prizes and get some $50 vouchers from Rip Curl. Chris Whiteside hammers home that this is all about selling ice creams while the others want to draw people in with hype.  Number 8 come to an impasse.

At Athena, Catherine Livingstone thinks Kirsty isn’t a strong leader and needs to stand up and make some decisions.

On the day of the task, Paul Natac is weary of the girls but is keen to beat them.  Athena send their caravan to Ponsonby while their cart heads to the bottom of Queen Street where Number 8 wanted to set up during the BBQ task.

Number 8 have incentivised their sales with a 2 for 1 coffee or movie voucher.  I know which one I’d rather have.

Aucklanders Dan and Richard Henry get lost trying to find Symonds Street trying to find where to pick up the tickets from.

Athena have brisk sales at their hand cart but in Ponsonby it’s another story.

Thirty minutes after the task started, Number 8 arrive at their location to find Athena are already there.  Negotiations are futile and the guys decide to stay and fight.

Number 8’s location on Queen St sells out and Kirsty tips off her team in Posonby who head down to take over while the guys head back to Mt Wellington to pick up more stock.

Linda Slade calls Kirsty as their mobile cart supplies run low and is told to come up to the caravan to restock.  She’s worried that being vacant from their position in peak time will be detrimental.  Eventually, Kirsty heads back to the cold store to collect new supplies but she’s stuck in traffic.

Athena run out of stock and Nicky asks her partner Richard if they can borrow some stock but it’s a no.

When Kirsty finally returns, time is nearly up.  The discounting begins and there is a mad rush as Athena try and make up from their lost sales time.

The Boardroom
Thomas backs his entire team and refuses to name the worst player despite being asked to.  Catherine backs Kirsty as a good leader but was worried about the restocking issue. Karen Reid defends herself for not speaking up about the Ponsoby location and assures Catherine that she actually did.

The Result
Athena: $1071.30
Number 8: $1490.00

The Reward
Number 8 get to go bungy jumping with Tamati Coffey

Meeting Tamati Coffey looks like a dream come true for Number 8 as if they’re all teenage girls meeting their favourite pop star.

The Firing
Once again, Catherine gets called sneaky and Karen addresses that she lied and thinks she’s unethical. Karen believes Nicky and Catherine should be called back into the boardroom.

Nicky and Karen are called back into the boardroom for Terry’s decision.  Karen is furious and swears that from here on out there will be no more mr nice guy.

Both Karen and Nicky believe that the problem with the task was location and believe that Catherine should be in there.  Kirsty is adamant that the right people are in the firing line.  For a lack of leadership, Terry fires Kirsty Parkhill.

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