The Apprentice New Zealand - Episode four live blog

On returning from the board room, Catherine Livingstone gives Karen Reid the cold shoulder and despite their differences they understand that they still need to work together.  Catherine tells the camera that she can forgive in business but not in personal relationships.

The two teams meet outside Microsoft’s offices in the Viaduct.  This weeks task is to create an online marketing campaign for a Microsoft product.

Athena pick Nicky Clarke as their project manager while Chris Whiteside has that role for Number 8.  Terry Serepisos decides to mix things up and switches the project managers teams.  Chris comments that it’s a hospital pass.

Karen seems a little excited to have a man in the house.  Chris is hoping to man the team up a little.  He doesn’t like the Athena concept.

Paul Natac isn’t happy about seeing Chris leave as it will change the team dynamic but he’s happy to have Nicky thanks to her background.

Chris tells his team that they’re probably not needing anything too creative.  His management style doesn’t appear to be making his team too happy.

Nicky sets her leadership clearly and with Daniel Phillips who has a background in advertising, they make a formidable team.

Number 8 head out to ask people on the “street” what they would do if they had more time.

Athena seem to struggle through focusing on the task in their war room.  They’re becoming frustrated at the lack of direction and Linda Slade is getting annoyed at Karen’s input which she feels is taking them around in circles.

At Number 8, they decide to use mainstream media sites for their online advertising campaign.

Chris shows his real allegiances by showing Number 8 their creative which surprises Nicky.  Dan tells the camera that they changed some of their strategy based on what they saw.

At the pitch, Nicky seems a little nervous but I’m sure it’s all editing.

It’s a nice end when Nicky tells them that they’ve taken care of their coffee for the next ten days.

Karen takes lead for the pitch and seems a little rattled when Terry Serepisos walks in just after she starts speaking.  When Catherine takes to the podium she forgets to click through the slideshow.  Down the back, Chris and Meena are pointing at the screen.  Karen comes over and presses the button. Ouch.  Somewhat embarrassing.  Afterwards the whole team tries to reassure her but she’s already thinking about the outcome.  If they lose, she’s fairly sure she’ll be heading back to the boardroom and therefore needs to form an alliance with Karen.

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In the boardroom:
Nicky says that working with Number 8 was quite enjoyable.  Dan thought Nicky performed really well.  Paul was also impressed. John really didn’t like the coffee card idea and wants to know who has shares in a coffee company.

Chris thought the environment at Athena was a little different.  Catherine thought Chris did well and bought the team together to try and make decisions. Karen thought Chris’ effort was poor.  Chris would like to have known earlier.  Karen says that she didn’t feel supported when she was just about to present to a very important client.

By a landslide, Number 8 take the win.  Their reward?  Pampering at East Day Spa. It must have been a little weird.  All those guys and Nicky.  I’m sure the girls over at Athena are all incredibly jealous.

When Terry grills Athena about the result, Chris addresses the tension between Karen and Catherine.  Catherine denies there is any problem but admits they had a rough time in the boardroom last week.

Chris brings Karen and Catherine back into the boardroom.  Karen smirks when she hears Catherine’s name.  Karen is upset at being attacked and feels pretty low.

Chris admits that he could have done better.  When Nathan starts to question him about showing Number 8 their work he comes clean and makes Catherine and Karen angry.  The pressure is immediately off them, for now, as Chris is fired.

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  • aaronimpact

    The thing about the coffee was strange. Not because it was offered to the Micro$oft executives but because it was brought up in the boardroom.

    Why is it relevant that everyone in Number 8 is holding shares in a coffee company?

    The viewers don’t even know the backstory behind it if any, so why bring it up?

    I think the guy that questioned them about it needs to loosen his tie so the blood can easily flow to his brain.

  • matt a

    Well d’oh.  They’ve only given coffee away in every challenge so far.  He clearly said the Microsoft execs said it was weird as well.  However good their presentation was, it’s an attempt at bribery plain and simple and not a good look.