The Real Hustle NZ Premiere

8:00pm – Monday, March 22 on TV 3

Hosted by none other the Outrageous Fortune’s Kirk Torrance, 3’s unmissable new series The Real Hustle NZ, premiering on Monday, March 22nd at 8pm on 3, aims to reveal how real-life scams work in practice so that viewers can avoid being ripped off by the same con.

Most people think they could never be duped into falling for a con, now The Real Hustle NZ proves we are all at risk!

Filmed with hidden cameras, The Real Hustle NZ features teams of hustlers from the UK, the US, and New Zealand, including Andre King, Kimberley Hill, and Aaron Beard, as they try out some notorious scams on members of the public.

The series offers viewers crucial advice on how to avoid being scammed – including short interviews with the New Zealand Police, providing public awareness information such as to what to look out for.

The participants featured in The Real Hustle NZ have been set up by their family, friends or workmates, and like many New Zealanders they believe they are too smart to be conned.

This however does not ring true in practice, as evident in this week’s premier episode when the hustlers shatter the participants’ ignorance by showing them just how easily they can be striped of their belongings in just three seconds.

So if you think you’re too smart for cheap cons, think again. The Real Hustle NZ will soon prove that the scams and cons happening around the country could happen to anyone!
Protect yourself by tuning into The Real Hustle NZ, premiering on Monday, March 22nd at 8pm on 3.

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