Weekend Murders: Midsomer Murders - Blood Wedding

8:30pm Saturday, March 6 on Prime


Wedding bells ring out in Midsomer as Prime brings back your favourite episodes of Midsomer Murders. Barnaby’s daughter Cully is finally about to get married – but will she ever make it to her honeymoon in New Zealand?

Instead of getting ready for his daughter’s wedding, Barnaby becomes an unwelcome guest at the wedding of the local baron Ned Fitzroy to the quintessential posh totty, Beth Porteous. As Cully suffers from last minute doubts, Barnaby is off investigating the mysterious stabbing of a maid of honour. Time is running out if Barnaby is to make it to Cully’s wedding, sort out her love life and solve a murder – all without getting blood on his morning suit.

Special guest Daniel Casey, who played Sergeant Troy on the series for many years, makes an appearance at Cully’s wedding, reuniting him with the Midsomer cast.

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