ANZAC Day 2010 on the History Channel

The History Channel will commemorate the true spirit of ANZAC DAY with selection of special programming commencing from 10.30am on Friday 25 April – SKY Channel 73.


REVEALING GALLIPOLI, 5.30pm (1×120’)

Channel Premiere

In 1915, the Turkish peninsula of Gallipoli was the site of one of the world’s bloodiest military campaigns. Broadening our understanding of the Gallipoli campaign, this special offers new perspectives, stories, archival and contemporary images previously unknown to our audience. Never before has Gallipoli been treated in such an even-handed yet embracing account of the experiences of the participants in this historic moment of conflict. (PG)



Featuring World famous Shipwreck hunter (of Titanic fame) Robert Ballard, Narrated by Colin Friels. Bob Ballard dives to the ocean depths searching for British and French warships that sank during the Battle at Gallipoli – one of the bloodiest and most controversial campaigns of World War I. We’ll scour the warship graveyard using Nautilus, an advanced mobile research vessel with state-of-the-art electronics, computers, navigational and communications systems. It’s the most comprehensive underwater exploration of shipwrecks from the Battle at Gallipoli ever taken.

A VERY SHORT WAR, 8.30pm (1×60’)


A VERY SHORT WAR is a deeply personal story – one that resonates with and speaks to every name found chiselled into memorial monuments scattered throughout the world’s cities and country towns. It revolves around the short life of Jack Clifford (Cliff) Carpenter, a pioneer Australian aviator of the 1930’s. Cliff had designed and built his first aeroplane as a teenager and sadly lost his life at the age of 28 in the darkening skies over Norway on the day of the German invasion. He left behind a grieving mother and father, a brother, two sisters and an enduring family legacy. Through his letters home we are exposed to a fascinating and intriguing insight into the spirit of the times as World War II beckoned.



VIETNAM NURSES, 10.30am (1×60’)

From the thrill of riding in a chopper across the beautiful Vietnamese countryside to the life and death situations they faced in theatre and intensive care, the women tell the untold stories of their Vietnam War. Maggie, Colleen, Terrie, Jan, Diane and Ann were young women with a passion for life, determined to leave their small country town existence and experience the world. When Vietnam was in the news they jumped at the opportunity to go so they could use their nursing skills to care for soldiers.

THE CRUCIFIED SOLDIER, 11.30am (1×60’)

On the 24th April 1915 it emerged that a Canadian Soldier had been found crucified against a barn door at St Julien near Ypres. The story of The Crucified Soldier caused international outrage until the outcome of a post-war investigation by the British Government declared the account untrue, claiming it was nothing more that a myth of the trenches and war propaganda.  The crucified Canadian is one of the most infamous of all war atrocity stories. Yet despite its dominant presence in atrocity accounts, and its ripple-effect in post war debate, memorials, art and film – historians have never attempted to fully investigate the story. Now more than 80 years later, a letter, a statue and a fresh assessment of the psychology of war provide compelling new evidence that turns the myth back into reality and reveals the identity of The Crucified Soldier.


This special takes an in-depth look at the ANZAC contribution to the western front victories battle by battle. Although the loss of life was greater, unlike Gallipoli the ANZACS were a key component in the allied success story. Unlike the defeat at Gallipoli, Australians were very effective and largely responsible for Winning World War I on the Western Front. Five times more Australians were also killed on the western Front than in Gallipoli. Based on the book by Author, Brand Ambassador and SMH History Writer Dr Jonathon King.

BEYOND KOKODA, 3.30pm (1×120’)

This moving documentary shows the violent and savagery experiences shared between Australian and Japanese soldiers forged in the dense jungles of Papua New Guinea. The Kokoda Campaign was a war without mercy, the scene of one of the most brutal conflicts in Australian History. This 2-hour special shows the story of men caught in the war and how they reconcile their shared history over sixty years later by interviews with Australian soldiers and for the first time show extensive interviews with Japanese soldiers and airmen to gain a unique and almost lost perspective of the Kokoda Campaign. The battle was a decisive Australian victory, a victory that delivered Australia from Japanese encirclement and possible occupation. The film provides Australian and Japanese audiences with poignant statements about the bloody nature of war and how this has scarred the young men who fought it.

THE BATTLE OF LONG TAN, 10.30pm (1×120’)

This exclusive documentary honours the true story behind the heroic deeds of a group of young Australian and NZ soldiers in one of the most pivotal, dramatic and shocking engagements of the Vietnam War. Now 40 years on, their bravery places a new glow on the ANZAC legend and public perceptions of our role in the Vietnam War.

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