Benjamin Bratt guest stars on Modern Family

8:00pm – Sunday, April 11 on TV 3

Ever since its premiere viewers have been waiting to find out why Jay Pritchett’s new wife is always comparing him unfavourably to her ex-husband. This week we finally learn the answer when Benjamin Bratt (The Cleaner) guest stars as Manny’s father and Gloria’s ex-husband in Modern Family, screening on Sunday, April 11th at 8pm on 3.

Bratt, who is best known for his role as Detective Rey Curtis on Law & Order, will have a lot to live up to, at least in the eyes of his son Manny (Rico Rodriguez). The character has been the subject of several conversations between Gloria, Manny and Gloria’s new husband Jay.

Gloria, who is played by Sofia Vergara, has frequently invoked her ex-husband as a way to chop Jay (Ed O’Neill) down to size, but until now he had never actually been seen.

Series star Ty Burrell, who portrays hip dad Phil on the series, recently spoke to E! News about Bratt’s gig as Manny’s long-lost father, Javier.

“Javier is playing irresponsible, and they all have their tête-à-tête about it, but you don’t leave thinking anybody is a bad guy,” Burrell explains.

“We start to actually like Javier a little bit, and I think he’ll probably be recurring,” he adds. As for Phil, according to Burrell, he’ll be under the weather during the episode, passing a painful kidney stone.

Make sure not to miss this, as well as the introduction to the man Manny refers to as “the coolest guy on the planet” when Benjamin Bratt guest stars in Modern Family, screening on Sunday, April 11th at 8pm on 3.

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