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8:00pm – Tuesday, April 13 on TV 3

Hitched, the hit local series that follows Kiwi couples on their trip down the aisle continues this week with more of what viewers love – the highs and lows that couples encounter as they plan and arrange their special day. Hitched continues its second season on Tuesday, April 13th at 8pm on 3.

Hitched producer Anna Lynch says the reason behind the success of the series is the incredible couples that have allowed Hitched to capture every moment leading up to their big day.

“This year the Hitched production team has been overwhelmed by the response to our call for applicants,” Lynch explains.

“We had hundreds of couples apply, and choosing between them was extremely difficult, no two weddings are alike, and we really like to showcase a wide variety of ages, backgrounds, budgets and settings.”

Lynch continues, reviling some juicy details about this year’s series, and more specifically, the couple audiences can expect to see.

“This year’s series will include a zoo wedding, a horseback wedding, church weddings, garden weddings,” she says, adding; “And a surprising number of couples into online gaming.”

As for this week’s instalment, Lynch explains the couple, Rose and Mark, were one of the more unique she ever had the pleasure of working with.

“Rose and Mark had a very novel approach to their nuptials,” she says. “Strapped for cash, they decided to swap their skills as web designers for goods and services, effectively getting them a free wedding!”

But as if this strategy wasn’t interesting enough, Lynch says that not only was there a financial budget, but also a time limit.

“The fact that they chose to do it all in two weeks, and just before Christmas makes for very interesting viewing,” she says.

“Even Rose herself says: ‘it’s like a car crash… You know you should look away – but you can’t’.”

This certainly sounds like the recipe for an unforgettable Hitched episode… Make sure not to miss it when the series goes behind the scenes of Rose and Mark’s no-budget wedding on Tuesday, April 13th at 8pm on 3.

Also available On Demand at tv3.co.nz)

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  • Trisha

    Wow, Rose and Mark.


    I’m pleased to say I’ll never watch this show again. Sometimes a cringe-factor is entertaining, but this was ridiculous. I can’t believe people like this exist. How can you have no shame at all. Perhaps all the funds donated could’ve been spent on web-design courses for these two, quite obvious, amateurs.If there is a god, he will strike down the transmitting station so that no one need see more of this abomination.

    Ugh, disgusting.

  • Yeah, I don’t think I will watch any of it a all either. I haven’t even seen our episode yet because the feedback about it has been atrocious.


    Our wedding was NOT free, we worked for it. We are NOT like what they showed on the episode. We do NOT turn up late to appointments – they so kindly neglected to mention that the Cream crew were the ones who made us late amongst other things hey neglected to show. The rest was completely twisted.

    But at any rate – http://www.barbecuealtar.com. Please visit our website and read the REAL story.

    ~ Rose.

  • Trisha

    Thank you Rose for linking your website. It’s interesting to see how people like yourself choose to go about planning a wedding etc. Well from what I saw, which wasn’t much as the design made me dizzy.


    What’s truly impressive, is the size of your balls to pull this off. I mean, honestly, Chronic Fatigue? Really? I know people who think they have it. I say think, because as a naturopath and a person of sound mind and body I can honestly say it does not exist. And these people, who have experienced the same symptoms as you claim have all attempted to improve their lifestyles with various treatments and all have succeeded in getting rid of this “disease”. But that’s a little off-topic.


    Congratulations on pulling it off. Of course any self-respecting person would have waited until they had saved enough money to have a proper wedding, got a loan, or even just made it a small occasion so the money could be better used elsewhere. If this show and your website were indicators of the near future to come, I would be more than happy to drink cyanide and provide it free of charge to all my friends that have the same outlook. Of which, happily, there are many.

    On second thought, perhaps NZ tv would make another show on the free things and how they are ultimately better than self-respect and dignity.