Ni Hao Kai-lan series premiere

Weekdays Starting Monday 19th April @ 11:00am

Ni hao! That means “hi” in Chinese – and that’s how Kai-lan greets you every day! Kai-lan Chow is a cheerful Chinese-American preschooler, five and three quarters years old, who wants you to come play with her and her best friends Rintoo the Tiger, Tolee the Koala, and Hoho the Monkey. Along the way, these bilingual buddies speak in English and Chinese. Kai-lan’s world is filled with Chinese culture, from the dumplings she eats for lunch, to the lanterns that adorn her house, to the huge Chinese New Year celebration she has with her friends and family. It’s all a part of who she is, and she loves sharing it with you! play time – with her animal friends and you. Tune in for these brand new episodes and follow the adventures of Kai-lan and her friends as they learn to identify their emotions and stop to consider the feelings of others.

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