Shortland Street: Monday 26 April - Friday 30 April 2010

7:00pm Weeknights on TV2

Sally Martin returns to TV2 on Shortland Street this week, after a two month hiatus.

Martin’s character Nicole Miller fled Ferndale earlier this year, when the going got tough. But in real life, the break in filming proved the perfect opportunity for Martin to take a holiday, spend some time with her family, and shift her life to Auckland.

“I had a lovely Christmas with my family in Wellington and spent the New Year down there too. It was probably my best to date,” says Martin. “I was also fortunate to have that extra time off to move up to Auckland properly. It was a major job, and I’m in no rush to do a move like that again. But it’s been great getting to know a new city and enjoying the beautiful Auckland summer.”

Martin first appeared on Shortland Street six months ago, when her character shockingly revealed she was the half sister of Morgan Braithwaite (Bonnie Soper), and though she enjoyed her time off, she was pleased to sink her teeth back into working.

“I love working on Shorty Street. I get to work with the neatest bunch of people,” says Martin. “It’s a lot of fun being around energy like that and it’s nice to have been here for long enough now to have forged some great mates beyond working relationships.”

This week on Shortland Street, Maia (Anna Jullienne) and Gerald (Harry McNaughton) decide to pay Nicole a visit in her hometown. But it soon becomes apparent that Nicole isn’t exactly over the moon about their arrival.

“Nicole is really taken off guard by their visit. She never anticipated Maia to turn up like this, and until now, has kept her life in Ferndale very separate from her family life,” explains Martin. “Maia’s arrival forces Nicole to confront her feelings about her ex-girlfriend and also challenges her to be honest with her mother about who she really is.”

Playing the part of Nicole’s mother Leanne, is award winning actress Jennifer Ludlam, whose past roles include the New Zealand feature film Apron Strings, television series Hercules, and theatre production Four Flat Whites in Italy.

Martin says it was an absolute treat to work with her. “Jen is just fantastic. I wonder if she suspects I was a bit nervous when I met her. She’s an icon in New Zealand within the acting community. Honestly, I just hoped that I could at least partially hold up next to her on screen.”

If you have missed an episode, full episodes of Shortland Street will be available free online 12 hours after the show has aired on TV2. Go to and click the ‘ondemand’ button.

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  • jimbo jones

    welcome back nicole one of my favorties on Shorty St.  🙂

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    I love shortland street!

  • fadumo

    welcome come back nicole its good to see u