Team Tua confirms next free-to-air fight on Maori Television

New Zealand’s national indigenous broadcaster, Maori Television, will present exclusive, live and free-to-air coverage of David ‘Tuamanator’ Tua’s next fight in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Sunday June 26 2010. Now ranked number two by the World Boxing Organisation (WBO), Tua is continuing his TUA DE FORCE campaign to take out the world heavyweight championship title.

Tua’s US-based promoter, Gotham Boxing president Cedric Kushner, said he was close to finalising Monte ‘Two Gunz’ Barrett as the opponent for the June fight. Barrett has challenged for the WBA World Heavyweight Title and fought six current or former heavyweight champions including David Haye and Wladimir Klitschko. “He’s served his apprenticeship, he’s fought at the highest level … he’s a solid fighter and a good test for David Tua,” Kushner said.

Speaking on Maori Television’s current affairs show, NATIVE AFFAIRS, tonight (Monday April 19), Tua said it would be brilliant to get a world title fight by the end of the year but the most important thing was to concentrate on the next fight and win it. “We can plan ahead now in regards to looking forward to seeing where the training camp will be – either it will be here or back in the United States – so definitely I will be speaking to (American trainer) Roger (Bloodworth) in the next couple of days and finalising those … I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for me to be exposed to the world internationally so a fantastic way to get back into fighting again.”

Commenting on the recent media controversy over his free-to-air broadcast agreement with Maori Television, Tua says he was saddened and disappointed by criticism of the broadcaster which has two fights remaining in its contract with Team Tua. “Honour is everything … for me it’s about remembering the help and obviously a chance that Maori Television gave me in the beginning. So for me it’s about fulfilling my obligation to Maori Television and then see what happens after that.”

Maori Television chief executive Jim Mather says the broadcaster’s exclusive New Zealand broadcast agreement with Team Tua has always been a reflection of the commitment that both parties have demonstrated towards each other. “We have been in partnership with David Tua since 2007 when David’s career was at a low ebb. Our support has never been about short-term gain but about long-term commitment. We want to see David achieve his dream of becoming world heavyweight champion because of the many challenges he has overcome. Our arrangement also ensures that all New Zealanders will have the opportunity to be part of TUA DE FORCE as David takes the next steps in his journey to the heavyweight title.”

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