The Narnia Code on Documentary Channel

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Wednesday 14 April, 8.30pm

An insightful documentary examining claims that C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia contain a hidden meaning. Although written over fifty years ago The Chronicles of Narnia have never been more popular than they are today. This must be due, at least in part, to their recent Hollywood blockbuster success, but still the original books sell over 3.5 million copies every year and are published in over thirty different languages. There can be few books that have been read and loved so consistently by children and adults around the world. But when they were first published, many critics thought them little more than childish scribbling, replete with random characters and unexplained events. Even Lewis’s good friend JRR Tolkien thought them confused and misconceived. However, could there be more than meets the eye to the books? Surely a man of C.S. Lewis intellects was capable of more than something so seemingly superficial? Dr Michael Ward, author of the highly acclaimed Planet Narnia, goes in search of the

real meaning, and message, behind The Chronicles of Narnia. Using dramatisations of Lewis’s early life and career, the programme travels the world, from the Mid-West of modern America to the battlefields of the First World War, meeting experts, testing evidence and uncovering surprising questions and ideas that still challenge readers today.

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