TVNZ Really Dry of Money?

TV2 have sponsored the Comedy Festival for years, and now TV3 are sponsoring it. Does TVNZ not sponsor anything anymore?

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  • ell

    TV3 outbid them from what I have been told.

  • reece_555

    If TVNZ is short of money than TV3 would be even shorter. TV3 has been more of an outlet for NZ comedy lately than TVNZ, or maybe they werent interested in paying so much for it.

  • regan

    They are a Gold Sponsor of online marketing magazine StopPress

  • That whole Gold sponsor, Silver sponsor heirachy is so 1982. I do like a bit of the Stop Press, mind.


    TV3 are positioning themselves as the ‘Home of Comedy’, which is a good move I reckon; might be the only local content they have soon.


  • bobscoffee

    I would’ve thought there would be more value in higher profile sponsorships, but maybe all TVNZ can afford is sponsorship of Stop Press?

  • bernierox28

    I guess TV3 used their Sunrise budget to bid for the comedy fest, wonder how the Sunrise cast must feel?

  • someone

    How odd I thought Fair Go was the Comedy Festival, the only comedy on free to air TV, of course now Comedy Festival is going to TV3 that explains everything.

  • Wotcha

    Sorry, you can’t have live crosses to an empty street hours after something minor happened somewhere near there, and afford comedy too.

    Something had to go.