Cougar Town - TV2

8:00pm Wednesday, May 26 on TV2

The pressure is on for Jules (Courteney Cox) tonight, as she prepares for a big night of passion with her new boy-toy, Josh (Nick Zano, Catch Me If You Can), on Cougar Town.

After a self-imposed period of abstinence, Jules and Josh finally get to their tenth date and plan a romantic evening. But Jules’ family and friends impede on her preparations for the night by demanding her time and attention, throwing her careful beauty plans into chaos. However, when the occasions proves to be a disappointment, Ellie (Christa Miller) and Laurie (Busy Philipps) help Jules to realise it’s ok to be selfish sometimes.

Elsewhere, Bobby (Brian Van Holt) moves into his new home – a grounded boat called ‘Jealous Much?’ – and he has to deal with the fact that his son, Travis (Dan Byrd), is embarrassed by him.

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