Days of our Lives to be recognised in parliament

It’s been surrounded by protest and petition but the passionate fans of American soap Days of our Lives have been unable to convince the broadcaster to keep the show on the air.

Tomorrow in parliament, Labour’s MP for Christchurch Central, Brendon Burns, will move to acknowledge the end of the show in New Zealand and recognise the fans who have tried to save it.


BRENDON BURNS to move, That this House note the final screening on Wednesday, 19 May 2010 on TV1, of Days of Our Lives, a “soap” aired over 30 years with 40,000-plus viewers, and the great disappointment felt by the faithful followers of this programme.


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  • Alison Spencer

    Thank you to Brendon Burns for recognising the large number of loyal New Zealand fans ‘Days of Our Lives’ has. It is the only escapism some of us have from everyday life. Now we have been robbed of any escapism or fantasy. Back to the ironing. What bliss, Al.

  • Niks

    A wondeful acknowledgement by Bendon Burns. He has assisted this cause for the past eight months in a very respectful and helpful way. Such a change from the negative and disrespectful comments that many of the general public have given. It has been a hard issue to fight for when there appears to be such a stigma attached to  “the soaps” and those who watch “the soaps”. Thank you again Brendon.