Departure And Return

DOCUMENTARY CHANNEL – Saturday 22 May, 9.30pm

The final journey of the Rainbow Warrior…Departure and Return, the final journey of the Rainbow Warrior is a fascinating documentary through the eyes of six women activists. On July 10, 1985, in Auckland, two bombs were detonated by French secret service agents, sinking the Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior and killing the photographer Fernando Pereira. This documentary offers a fresh insight into that event through the eye witnss accounts of women crew members and others associated with the anti nuclear movement in New Zealand.

The film also traces the history of the ship from the docks of London through the campaigns in the North Atlantic, to preparations for the anti nuclear tour to the Pacific, the evacuation of the people of Rongelap from their radioactive atoll and then to the vessel’s demise at Marsden Wharf in Auckland Harbour. The Rainbow Warrior has become a universal symbol as well as an intrinsic part of our New Zealand modern day history. Departure and Return relates the life stories of the environmental activists, all of whom now reside in New Zealand, as they reveal their extraordinary histories both here and abroad.

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