Grey's Anatomy on TV2

Tuesday 18 May, 8.30pm on TV2

Catch a glimpse of some Seattle Grace stalwarts as their awkward younger selves, tonight on Grey’s Anatomy.

In his new role as Chief, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) decides to restore the hospital lecture series, and Richard (James Pickens Jr), Bailey (Chandra Wilson) and Callie (Sara Ramirez) present to the assembled physicians some pivotal surgical cases from their past. Bailey reflects on her first days at the hospital in far less bombastic form – she started out as a timid resident, and finds herself intimidated by a feisty fellow doctor (played by guest star Missi Pyle, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory). In another lecture, Callie, crippled with nerves at having to speak in public, looks back on a polio case that she and Alex (Justin Chambers) worked on together.

Elsewhere, Richard tells the group about a case he worked on with Meredith’s mother, Ellis (Sarah Paulson, Cupid), when the pair were young residents in the ’80s. They diagnose a patient with one of the first cases of the highly rare and controversial disease GRID – a virus that later came to be renamed AIDS.

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