Mediaworks launches new and improved video On Demand service

TV3 and C4 viewers can now enjoy a new and improved On Demand service which will increase offerings of key premium international and local shows.

Fans of TV3 favourites including GLEE, Americas Next Top Model, NCIS LA, Modern Family, Underbelly and Bones will now be able to view online immediately after their free to air broadcast.  

Home and Away fans are in for a special treat. From today – the last 5 episodes of the popular soap will be available to view online at  

Local shows like Outrageous Fortune, The Kitchen Job, Hitched, RadiRadiRah, 7 Days and Target, along with current affair offerings The Nation and Campbell Live will also be available to on demand viewers.  There are plans for more shows to join the On Demand schedule throughout the year.

The keystone of the new service is the upgraded video player which offers viewers a TV-like experience with higher quality video and shorter ad-breaks.   

The clean design, easy to use search function, light dimming functionality, show reminder alerts, an ad-break countdown that tells you when the your show will return all mean this VoD offering is now the benchmark in the NZ market.  

The new service also offers a number of new opportunities for advertisers.

Siobhan McKenna Director of Interactive comments: “TV3 and C4 have fantastic shows. All we had to do was create an online viewing experience that makes it as easy as possible for people to watch videos online, while also delivering advertisers value for money ad positions. It was as easy and as complicated as that.”

– Research undertaken by MediaWorks (8,060 unique participants in the VoD survey) has shown that 85% of On Demand viewing is incremental to our TV audience.
– 77% of MediaWorks On Demand viewers are watching online because they missed the show on air – enabling them to keep up with the programme – and stay with it.

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  • bobscoffee

    They claim their On Demand service is now the benchmark in the NZ market? More like they’ve finally caught up…

  • A2

    Oh Bob, so bitter! Do you know anything about encoding and video players or are you talking without experience again?

  • bobscoffee

    What about encoding and video players? I’m commenting based on my experience using both TVNZ and TV3, just like anyone else can.

  • aaronimpact

    I have always had problems using the videos on TV3’s website no matter how many times I update flash.

  • SoBobsAnExpert

    So watching videos makes you an expert Bob.  Well done there, your PhD on slothology is in the post.

  • bobscoffee

    And here was me thinking I was allowed to have an opinion…

  • I always have issues with TVNZ’s videos & their stupid chapter system!! Sometimes it will stop at the end of the 3rd chapter or something & just repeat ads.