In spite of most shows now being filmed in widescreen, why are several of them being shown as 4:3 on Freeview? Is this some sort of cost-cutting measure?

This shows I’ve noted that are doing this include:

TV2 – Two and a Half Men (only when repeated?), The Amazing Race, Tyra

TV3 – Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model, Models Of The Runway

C4 – South Park

Any other shows you know about where this is happening?




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Hi. I've been an avid NZ TV fan for many years, having been brought up in the single channel, black and white days. I don't like some of the unnecessary changes for the sake of "competition" over the years and the bad attitude of some broadcasters that has been the cause or result of this, nor the loss of innocence in program content. This is where I am or will be coming from in at least some of my blogs.
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