Conmen Case Files

CRIME & INVESTIGATION – Mondays from 21 June, 9.30pm

The series tells the remarkable stories of outrageous con artists who have tricked and defrauded their nearest and dearest as well as total strangers. Using exclusive film footage, dramatic recreations and first hand testimony, Conmen Case Files brings to life the biggest cons the world has ever seen. Not all cons are the same, but they’re all after one purpose – money. Follow the case of Robert Hendy-Freegard who exacted humiliating and degrading tricks to get money from his victims; a fake professor who tricked not only Christie’s auction house, but also his own daughter; a fantasist who tricked policemen into thinking he was one of their own; and a smooth talking lothario who broke both his victims bank balances, and their hearts. Conmen Case Files uncovers the stories behind the crimes, picking up the pieces of the puzzle that eventually led to the capture and imprisonment of the conmen.

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