According to wikipedia, in comedy, a Roast is:

an event in which an individual is subjected to a public presentation of comedic insults, praise, outlandish true and untrue stories, and heartwarming tributes, the implication being that the roastee is able to take the jokes in good humor and not as serious criticism or insult, and therefore, show their good nature. It is seen as a great honor to be roasted, as the individual is surrounded by friends, fans, and well-wishers, who can receive some of the same treatment as well during the course of the evening.

It’s a term that some folk need to become accustomed to.

On Wednesday night at the inaugural Radio Roast, Dave Fane took to the stage with a task at hand and delivered.  However, some have missed the point of the event and labelled him racist and homophobic among other things following his “roasting” of Jews, HIV sufferers and those in the advertising industry.

The “racist outburst” as claimed by the New Zealand Herald’s Rachel Glucina, Joseph Barratt and Barry Clarke featured in a story titled “TV3 star attacks Jews”.  The story, taken completely out of context, suggests it was a drunken tirade when in fact it was in line with the theme of the night.  Anyone who may have taken offense to the content probably wouldn’t have understood what the night was about.

Of course, Dave Fane has been forced to apologise.  His statement to the NZPA reads

“I wish to formally apologise for my offensive remarks, and am deeply troubled by the association of TV3 and my employers to the statements. I was quoted out of context in the article.”

As you’d expect, as part of their beat up the NZ Herald has obtained comment from the NZ Jewish Council and NZ Aids Foundation who were outraged.

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  • Rusty Viewer

    The best way to stop the political correctness madness that has taken hold of this generation is to be defiant, refuse to apologise, and that those that were the target of the roast and don’t know how to laugh need to get over themselves.

  • Ian Dalziel

    I hope Dave Fane still gets paid – the organisers of this event got what they asked for, I’m sure they’ll be very happy with the publicity, too. Can we perhaps send a copy of The Aristocrats to all the people who complained…

  • “Taken out of context” is such a bullshit excuse. In what context were his comments even remotely acceptable?

    It’s almost as bad as saying “I’m not racist, some of my best friends are Maoris”.

  • Sam Brookfield

    They should have got a comedian instead of him…