Extraordinary Kiwis premieres on Prime

7:00pm Saturday, June 26 on Prime

Documentary Series

From All Black Dan Carter to a young female fashion designer who hunts deer in her spare time, Extraordinary Kiwis throws Clarke Gayford into the shoes of some of New Zealand’s most interesting individuals. Literally getting a real hands-on approach to our Extraordinary Kiwis’ day to day lives, the naturally competitive Clarke gets a lot more than he bargained for throughout the series – particularly in the first episode which see’s him endure a “light training session” with rugby legend Dan Carter.

This new PRIME series is a celebration of an eclectic mix of outstanding New Zealanders – men and women who embody their national ethos, many of them Kiwis you wouldn’t normally hear about, but who make fascinating subjects with incredible stories to tell. In tonight’s first episode we see Dan Carter getting fake sweat sprayed on for a photo shoot, and a “light” training session with Clarke leaves the poor bloke in a real sweat, and hobbling for a week! Clarke’s first challenge is to just keep up with the All Black great on what’s pitched as a “light” training session. From pumping iron in the gym to squat jumps and press ups, this is going to be a tough day for Clarke. He gets some great tips on how to kick a footy ball, but struggles to get it over the bar while Dan’s are sailing high. Catching a high ball is another challenge, with Dan promising to shout if Clarke can get even one out of five. But it’s the endurance running at the end of the day (which even Dan hates) that will be Clarke’s greatest test.

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