Father Ted: Goodluck, Father Ted

8:35pm Friday, June 4 on Prime


Goodluck, Father Ted

Fame beckons for Father Ted after Terry MacNamee from Faith of Our Fathers phones up to interview Ted for ‘The Television’. Unfortunately, the filming at the local beauty spot coincides with the arrival of Funland on Craggy Island. Ted’s carefully laid plans are ruined because the temptations of Spider Baby, The Tunnel of Goats, and The Spinning Cat prove irresistible to Dougal, who is distracted from his assigned duty: restraining the virtually feral Father Jack.

After a trip to a tarot reader fails to convince Dougal to go home, Ted finds himself hoist by his own petard, stuck up The Crane of Death with Jack while Terry MacNamee interviews Dougal about his beliefs.

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