How does The X Factor work?

The X Factor is a talent show like no other.  There are four judges who work together through the audition process to find the best talent in four categories:

  1. Under 25 boys
  2. Under 25 girls
  3. Over 25’s
  4. Groups

The judges then reduce the numbers down and are then allocated a category each to mentor.  From this group they then have to decide on their best three to put forward to compete in a top 12 against the other judge’s contestants.

For the judges, it’s as much about them winning as it is for the contestants.

The public vote for their favourite contestants with the contestants with the lowest number of votes having to perform for the judges who then votes as to who is eliminated.

The show is open to anyone over the age of 16 and, unlike Idol, has no upper age limit.

The most renown X Factor contestant is Leona Lewis who won the third season in 2006 and when on to be an international sensation.  Her accolades include:

  • having the fastest selling single, with 50,000 copies of A Moment Like This being downloaded within 30 minutes of it going on sale.
  • Her second single, Bleeding Love, made it to number one on more than 30 charts worldwide.
  • Her debut album, Spirit became the first album by a british solo artist to top the Billboard Top 200 in the US and sold over 6.5 million copies worldwide

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