Joe confronts Len on Coronation Street

7:30pm Tuesday, June 8 on TV One

David reacts badly when Tina talks to Gary and Tina furiously storms off to work, not only has she lied for him to the police but she is risking a criminal conviction. Alone at work, Len traps Tina and hints that she could have an ‘accident’ if she doesn’t tell the truth. Joe hears about the threats and confronts Len.

Leanne and Maria visit Tony, he is devasted that Carla left him and reveals that she confessed to loving Liam. Feeling sorry for him the women offer to clear up the flat he trashed.

Becky and Steve pretend they are happy without each other so when Steve spots Becky in the Rovers with Jason, he agrees to a date with Natasha. Becky gives Jason a kiss, to show Steve she’s moved on.

Elsewhere, Ken spends more time with Martha and Deirdre presumes his distracted behaviour is because of Peter; Sophie enjoys her date with Ben and discusses going to church with him.

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