MTV sorry for swearing

MTV execs have apologised for the amount of swearing during the MTV Movie Awards that recently screened on the network. The broadcast which was described as “live with a delay” failed to be clean of objectionable language with a few words sneaking through despite the bleep button taking a pounding throughout the two-hour show.

NZ production good to go

Filming on the New Zealand-based production Spartacus: Blood and Sand has been given the green light once again after lead actor Andy Whitfield was given the all-clear after being diagnosed with cancer earlier in the year. The Australian actor is set to appear before the camera again in October.

Stamos for Glee role

Uncle Jesse himself John Stamos is eying a spot on the Glee cast according to Entertainment Weekly. The ex-Full House actor is currently in talks with producers over appearing on the drama series in a guest role playing Emma’s (Jayma Mays) dentist, whom she may or may not be having a relationship with. Let’s hope common sense will prevail.

Matt Lucas on Glee?

In related news, the latest rumour to hit the net is that Little Britain star Matt Lucas has signed on to make a guest appearance on Glee. The actor is said to be playing a teacher with a hidden passion for musicals. Only time will tell as to whether this one is true or not.

Katy Perry to host awards

Katy Perry has been confirmed as the host of the 2010 Teen Choice Awards. The pop singer will both host and perform at the ceremony which will dish out it’s surfboard trophies to the year’s biggest achievers in television, film, music, sport and fashion.

McConaughey’s new “comedy”

Actor Matthew McConaughey is developing a new comedy series for an American network set in Malibu. With a working title of Kick-Ass Militia, the series will centre on a pair of brothers, one a cult leader the other a survivalist, who share a pad on the beach in the Californian town. The series is written by Meet The Fockers writer Marc Hyman.

Williams Grey’s regular

Grey’s Anatomy actor Jesse Williams has been promoted to a series regular for the next season of the medical drama. Williams joined the show in season 6 as Dr. Jackson Avery and has impressed series creator Shonda Rhimes enough to be given a full-time contract.

Entourage movie?

Actor and Entourage producer Mark Wahlberg has said recently that he is determined to make a movie out of the series. Walhberg said in a n interview with MTV that he wants to bring the characters to the big screen and believes fans would react positively to the movie concept.

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  • regan

    An Entourage movie?  What about a Vinnie Chase one?!  Or is that the only way Jeremy Piven can have any success at the box office?

  • Brad Kreft

    Yeah Piven should ride Entourage as long as he can, it’s the best he’s going to get unfortunately.

  • aaronimpact

    I think Glee should concentrate on the actors that they already have instead of bringing in stupid guest stars that don’t bring anything to the show.

  • jimbo jones

    MTV is a croak of bollocks, too many spoilt fashionable preppie kids hogging the TV On top of talentless famewhores posing as “music artists”. MTV Needs to be scrapped.

  • studs

    Yes , indeed the show was too foul mouthed for sure . Even though there was a huge amount of swearing , over all the whole pacakage was great and etnertaining .and what ???? Matt Lucas on glee , omg I think the whole show is going to have even more personality if he shows up in the show .