New Zealand has The X Factor

The X Factor New Zealand

The hottest talent show in the world is about to make its way to New Zealand!

TV3 has confirmed it has secured the rights for a local version of Simon Cowell’s The X Factor, a deal made possible after his contract ended with American Idol last month.  Cowell will be a judge on the series that debuts in the US in September 2011.

TV 3 has said that The X Factor New Zealand will go into production next year as well so our guess is that they will most likely screen the US version from September 2011 to help build the profile for the New Zealand series which would then screen in 2012.

There is no word yet as to whether the Fremantle Media show would be being produced in house or by South Pacific Pictures. South Pacific Pictures are not producing the series.

There is also no word as to who will be the host or judges for the show.

This is a bold move by TV3 and one that we’re certainly excited about.

Auditions for the 7th series of The X Factor in the UK are currently underway.  The X Factor auditions are also underway in Australia for their second season which is returning to channel Seven after a 4 year hiatus.

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  • regan

    In Australia, the judges are Natalie Imbruglia, Kyle Sandilands, Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating

  • reece_555

    We Really dont have the X-Factor, must we discuss the success of our Idols and that one season of got talent. TV3 wouldnt have the resources to produce in house would they? But looking forward to the US version screening.

  • regan

    Come on Reece.  Of course we have the X Factor!  Whether or not TV3 have the ability to pull off a successful TV show is the real question.

  • Rusty Viewer

    What happened to our version of “So You Think You Can Dance?”

  • bobscoffee

    So then who would be the judges on our show?

  • jimbo jones

    im sick of these reality shows, it allows the influx of Attention Seeking TV-Famewhores looking for a quick 15 minutes of “hey hey look at me, hellooo…over here hey im on TV”.

  • TuiKiwi

    2012? =(

  • amanda_44

    I say: Go tv3!!! Bold move. Big balls. Let’s hope it pays off!!!!

  • a person calld Kookie

    how do u audition???? i need 2 no so i cn get ready 🙂

    • Antonio Chapman

        There’s no X Factor show in production for New Zealand at the moment as
      confirmed many times by TV3. If you want to try out for a talent show,
      try out for New Zealand’s Got Talent.

      • a person calld Kookie

        kwl thanx

  • KayBaby

    Is nz actually having their own nz xfactor?

  • LittleSuperStar

    When are these auditions?

  • LittleSuperStar

    pretty sure its not 2012, its 2013

  • LittleSuperStar

    no pretty sure its 2013

  • LittleSuperStar

    whats the youngest age you can be does anyone know from other countrys x factors?

  • james record

    when are the audtions

  • claudia

    in nz gt talent how old do u hv to be

  • 1432

    It is in bloody 2012 for NZ!!!

  • Hivehiva

    when ares the auditions

  • How old do you have to be to audition for xfactor?


    had my first audition … guess there is a simon cowell xfactor in nz huh ?? lol