Shortland Street - Weeknights on TV2

7:00pm Monday, June 21 on TV2

Tania Jeffries (Faye Smythe) makes an expensive mistake on Shortland Street tonight.

Pleased to be spending some one-on-one time with her boyfriend Isaac (Matt Minto), Tania can’t believe her luck when she clumsily knocks a vase of Chris’ (Michael Galvin), smashing it to smithereens. Determined to make up for her mishap, Tania decides to buy him a new one.

But when Isaac reveals just how much Chris paid for it, Tania is gobsmacked, wondering how she will ever afford to pay back twelve thousand dollars.

Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing) comes face-to-face with danger on Shortland Street tonight, when she is held up at knifepoint.

When Sarah and Nurse Wendy Cooper (Jacqueline Nairn) have a busy day at work, Sarah sends Wendy on an over-due lunch break, assuring her she’ll be OK by herself. But while alone at the practice, Sarah is terrified to be confronted by a thief who pulls a weapon on her, demanding drugs and money.

Fearing for her life, Sarah hopes she can give the robber what he wants.

Rachel McKenna (Angela Bloomfield) is given food for thought on Shortland Street tonight, when Chris Warner (Michael Galvin) makes an emotional appeal.

Furious at the way the Departmental Health Board (DHB) have been handling her employment, Rachel decides to make things harder for them by resigning. But when Chris begs for her to stay, Rachel is intrigued by the subtext behind his speech.

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