The Amazing Race stops by Invercargill

The Amazing Race stopped by the deep south over the weekend with competitors and camera crews seen filming in Invercargill.

Teams of two were spotted running through the airport after disembarking flights from Christchurch at 3.30pm and 4.20pm yesterday.

At least four Maui campervans were seen in the parking lot of Invercargill’s airport as well with the yellow and black striped Amazing Race envelopes in their windscreens.

Details are scarce but all people are saying they saw teams of two being filmed as they ran out of the airport and into the campervans before taking off up State Highway 6.

Hosted by kiwi Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race has stopped by New Zealand several times in the past with the last being an Auckland-based stopover. 


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About the author

  • ell

    those poor contestants…having to go in to Invercargill.

  • regan

    especially at this time of year!

  • aaronimpact

    What’s Invercargill?

  • regan

    @aaronimpact you lucky, lucky person