Hell's Kitchen on TV2

7:30pm Tuesday, July 27 on TV2

The two teams are merged into one as the final edges closer – but a disastrous service causes Chef Ramsay to have a major meltdown in Hell’s Kitchen.

The teams wake up to discover they’ve been merged into one, and go downstairs to discover Chef Ramsay already cooking. He puts together one of his signature dishes and asks them to re-create the dish using only their senses as reference.

Later, dinner service for the new single team starts off badly and continues in a downward spiral when one chef sends out uncooked fish. Chef Ramsay is incensed by the rooky error, but when another chef burns some lettuce, the tempestuous chef throws a ‘mantrum’ of epic proportions, and walks out of Hell’s Kitchen – forcing the chefs to fend for themselves.

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