It's In The Bag is back - on Maori Television

Pio Terei and Stacey Morrison are set to blaze through the halls and theatres of our heartland towns for a second Maori Television series of IT’S IN THE BAG.

The perfect antidote to a cold winter’s evening, this Kiwi classic will beam into homes for family entertainment from Sunday August 1 at 7.00 PM.

New Zealand’s favourite game show – with a te reo twist – returns packed full of laughter and real people.

“This series we travelled to twelve towns in Northland, Bay of Plenty and Waikato. Pio and Stacey and our 30-strong crew all agreed it was the best show we’d worked on – full of great people and hilarious moments!” says producer Libby Hakaraia, of Bluebach Productions.

The format of the show remains much the same as it was in Selwyn Toogood’s era, with a few adjustments for the 21st Century. Contestants are chosen from the audience in a warm up game, and must answer three questions to get a chance to play.  Once through, contestants play poker-faced Pio, and walk a fine line between netting the cash and taking a chance on the mystery prize in their chosen kete.

Join in the fun as competitors weigh up their chances of winning cash, an overseas holiday, power tools, tvs and other fantastic prizes. For those who push their luck too far, an array of delightful booby prizes awaits, from tins of gerkhins to mousetraps!

At the end of each game the two highest scoring contestants return to the stage to play for a chance to compete in the grand final to be held in Auckland in October.

“Much more than the prizes, the name of this game is fun!” says Stacey Morrison. “We’ve met some great people and had a great time, it’s the locals who have been the real talent.”

This season will see Pio pull out his guitar for the first time, as the audience members play Face The Waiata. The first person in the room to name the famous tune he sings in Maori gets to play for the money or the bag. The rest of New Zealand can also enter via the online Web Bag game at

Over 3,500 people came to see the shows during filming, and their koha raised over $8,000 for local charities.

That’s real money from real people.” says Pio. “And they are what the show is all about. It has real heart and it’s a real celebration of small town New Zealand.”

Classic Kiwi television re-made for a modern audience – IT’S IN THE BAG premieres on Maori Television on Sunday August 1 at 7.00 PM.


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