Piers Morgan to be King’s replacement?

Brit Piers Morgan is reportedly close to sealing a deal which would see him effectively replace departed talk show host Larry King on CNN in the US. Morgan is poised to front a new show for the network after King announced his retirement from TV yesterday.

Kardashians on 90210

The Kardashians have signed on for a guest spot on teen drama 90210 for next season. The three sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney will play themselves in an episode later this year.

Rob Lowe developing reality show

Brothers & Sisters actor Rob Lowe is reportedly developing a new reality show set in Washington DC which will follow young aspiring Washingtonians as they try and forge careers in the capital of the US. The series is called Potomac Fever.

Brothers & Sisters actress leaves

Lowe’s co-star on Brothers & Sisters Emily VanCamp has announced she is leaving the series next season. The actress who plays Rebecca will depart the show after spending four years on it.

Complaints over Wimbledon coverage

The BBC has received a number of complaints in the UK over its coverage of the current Wimbledon tennis tournament. The network has fielded complaints over the coverage featuring too many “lingering shots of canoodling couples and attractive spectators” in the crowd. The Brits just want their tennis.

Buffy character tops vampire poll

Despite the influx of vampires in film and television these days, a character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer has taken out a poll of the greatest vampires in television and film. Spike from Buffy was voted in first place in the SFX poll, ahead of film vampires and other Buffy characters.

Bookies taking bets on Doctor Who exit

Bookmakers in the UK are taking bets on whether Doctor Who star Matt Smith will still be in the job for another season after the show suffered a slip in the ratings. Of course Doctor Who’s recent season finale in the UK was up against the World Cup in TV.

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