New Zealand's favourite locally made TV shows of past 50 Years

New Zealand’s favourite locally made TV shows of the last fifty years have been found.

As part of the celebrations of fifty years of television in New Zealand, throughout June, TV watching community website asked readers for their favourite shows from twelve different genres as well as an overall favourite.

From the thousands of votes that were cast, the top two shows overall received more than 50% of the vote combined and were separated by less than 2%.

According to voters, New Zealand’s favorite Kiwi-made TV show of the passed fifty years is Shortland Street, with Outrageous Fortune came in at a close second.

Voters rated TV3’s newcomer 7 Days as the Best Comedy Show of the past fifty years while It’s In The Bag was deemed Best Game Show.

TV One’s Saturday stalwart, Country Calendar won Best Lifestyle Show of the past fifty years and Best Event went to the original Telethon.

3 News was voted as providing the Best News/Current Affairs from the last fifty years, despite only being here less than half that time.

Maori Television’s Homai Te Pakipaki took out the best Maori Show of the last fifty years.

Throng’s Regan Cunliffe said “The local television industry has a lot to be proud of.  We’re extremely excited to be able to celebrate the shows that have been a big part of our unique culture.  We’re incredibly optimistic about the future of storytelling on the small screen and look forward to what producers can deliver over the next fifty years.”

South Pacific Pictures John Barnett said “We’re delighted with this response. Confirmation by the audience that they love our shows  is the ultimate accolade.”

TV3’s Programming Director Kelly Martin said “Overwhelming jubilation is an understatement… we are thrilled with the results of the Throng poll. All of our winning shows are ones we work very hard to get right so to have them recognised and enjoyed is very gratifying. To have 7 Days beat the Billy T show…. we are extremely proud – and a bit speechless actually.”

Maori Television general manager of programming Haunui Royal says the accolade reflects the interactive karaoke show’s immense popularity with viewers. Homai Te Pakipaki is one of the channel’s highest rating programmes and is also the number one online show, attracting a cult following around the country and overseas.

“This is good, old-fashioned entertainment,”  Mr Royal says. “Performers travel with their supporters from all around the motu to be part of the fun, entertain the crowd – and have a crack at winning the hearts and text votes of the audience. No one gets voted ‘off the island’, no one is judged on how they look, and no one is made to feel bad … we like our contestants to feel like the stars they are. We are rapt that the show’s unique appeal has been recognised with this award.”

Full List of winners:

Best overall

Winner: Shortland Street
Runner Up: Outrageous Fortune

Best Drama

Winner: Shortland Street
Runner Up: Outrageous Fortune

Best Comedy
Winner: 7 Days
Runner Up: The Billy T. James Show

Best Reality
Winner: New Zealand’s Next Top Model
2= Police 10-7 and Dancing with the Stars

Best Game Show
Winner: It’s in the Bag
Runner Up: Wheel of Fortune

Best Documentary/Factual
Winner: 20/20
Runner Up: Country Calendar

Best Lifestyle
Winner: Country Calendar
Runner Up: Good Morning

Best Kids
Winner: What Now
Runner Up: Sticky TV

Best Music
Winner: Vodafone Select Live
Runner Up: Radio with Pictures

Best Sport
Winner: Pulp Sport
2= Sports Cafe and Code

Best Maori
Winner: Homai Te Pakipaki
Runner Up: I am TV

Best Event
Winner: Telethon (original)
Runner Up: Christmas in the Park

Best news/Current Affairs
Winner: 3 News
Runner Up: ONE News

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  • somebody

    ”3 News was voted as providing the Best News/Current Affairs from the last fifty years, despite only being here less than half that time.”

    All the old people watching One News cant have voted, Lol.

  • Bill Guy

    Well I still much prefer ONE News overall. So much better. Unlike throng the media awards found ONE News the best news. New Zealand’s news for 50 years compared to TV3’s 20.

  • Bill Guy

    and if the olds did vote. ONE News would have won by far. As ONE News has around 300 000 more people watching each night. (than TV3)

  • cameragod

    How many voted? I tried but was bounced back, resent and bounced… so I don’t know if it counted or was multi-counted…  

  • regan

    If you accidentally hit submit twice it would have counted the first one but then returned you an error.

  • bobscoffee

    How can 7 Days be voted Best NZ Comedy Show of the past 50 years when it’s only been around for about one year and most of the people who have voted for it haven’t lived long enough to compare it to other comedy shows throughout the past 50 years? Surely 7 Days isn’t the best we can do in terms of TV comedy?

  • somebody

    I would say BillY T James for comedy. Im not old enough to remember it on tv , but from what I’ve seen on You Tube he was pretty funny.

  • bobscoffee

    Sorry but I think this should be renamed ‘Throng Members’ Favourite Locally Made TV Shows of Past 50 Years’, definitely not New Zealand’s.

  • cameragod

    It’s funny but at the time I never rated Billy T’s show very highly. While it had some very funny bits most of the jokes were adapted from old, tired English comedy shows from a decade before… but then Billy was so talented he could deliver some very bad old lines and still make you laugh like they were fresh, honestly most of his stuff was almost as badly written then as RadiRadiRah is now.

    A Week of It was by far the stand out comedy of its time… ahead of its time… I mean a topless news reader in the late 70’s… good luck doing a gag like that even today.

  • Gary Wills

    I agree that tv3 news is voted the best news. But tv 3 news is slipped to low levels to tv 1 news and have turned it into an entertainment show, since it went to the two presenter format in 1998. Some nights I don’t know which news to watch.

  • I have to disagree with you Gary Willis. You can’t say that 3 News is an entertainment show, when ONE News is just as guilty for human interest stories as 3. All news networks are like that these days. Personally I favour 3 over ONE, because of their more human approach to things. I just get this fake vibe off ONE, that’s just hard to watch.

  • a2

    Bill Guy you are everywhere, spouting your love of TVNZ. I see you hashing it up on every tv facebook group known to mankind.

    How about you stop trolling and start doing some real work?