Satisfaction returns to TV2

10:30pm Monday, July 5 on TV2

Saucy Australian drama Satisfaction is back for more, premiering a new season of titillations from the exclusive gentleman’s club, 232.

When the drama first premiered, the steamy nature of the show was bound to raise a few eyebrows, but critically acclaimed and now into its third season, Satisfaction has proven its detractors wrong.

Producer Andy Walker explains to Who Magazine Australia: “People didn’t want a bar of it as soon as they heard the word ‘prostitutes’. It’s much easier now.”

For Madeleine West, who plays high-class escort Mel, the show “is about celebrating women in all shapes and forms. And celebrating our sexuality and freedom of choice.”

Dustin Clare, who plays Sean, 232’s first male hooker, says the nudity or sex scenes didn’t bother him. “You know [about] that going into it,” he explains. “I don’t have anyone to pass it by except my mum. She said, ‘That’s OK if it works for the role.'”

In tonight’s new season premiere, 232 has never been busier. With Chloe (Diana Glenn) and Heather (Peta Sergeant) away, Nat (Kestie Morassi) recruits a new girl for 232. Young, wild and unpredictable, Amy (Camille Keenan) ruffles feathers from day one. However, before she can join the team, she needs to pass Sean’s ‘roadtest’.

After trying out the world of escorting, Lauren (Alison Whyte) finds herself enticed back to 232, while Mel encounters an unexpected problem which has a huge impact on her ability to work. With the economic crisis bearing down, it forces Mel to make decisions which significantly affect her future. Meanwhile, Nat and Sean’s burgeoning relationship grows increasingly unusual.

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