Stephen Parker steps down from The Nation

Stephen Parker, presenter of TV3’s weekend current affairs show The Nation, has decided to step down from the programme.

Mr Parker has concluded the time is right for him to pursue a freelance career, and also have a break from television in order to pursue a personal project.

TV3 Political Editor and interviewer on The Nation, Duncan Garner, will take on presenting the show from this weekend while a search for a new presenter is undertaken.

The Nation screens on Saturday mornings at 11am, repeated on Sunday morning at 8am.p>

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  • dextra

    Oh dear, the only way this show can get worse now is if they put up Bars and Tone.

  • dextra

    I can only assume he was axed so Sean Plunket who resigned from RNZ last month can take over.

    The only way this show’s coming out of asterix territory is if they start bringing in a decent provocative panel. It’s a snore-fest at the moment, and this is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  • regan

    @dextra I think you’re wrong. There are too many aspects that affect its ratings.  Firstly, it’s not on TV One.  Secondly, its on a Saturday morning. Seriously?!  Thirdly, the format seems confused.  It’s like they’ve already taken 12 hours of Radio New Zealand programming and rolled it into a single hour of Television.

    Even if Plunket comes onboard, wont this just be another “Paul Holmes going to Prime” scenario?  There’ll be a big roar and then the engines will stop.

    As you say though, you can only rearrange the deck chairs on the titanic for so long.

  • Rusty Viewer

    Why aren’t shows like this on closer to prime time? What not put it on at 5pm as a run up to the news?

  • regan

    Why do they need it at all?  Why not turn Campbell Live into what this show is trying to be?