The Great Italian Escape on Prime

8:00pm Tuesday, July 27 on Prime


In this inspiring new series we get to the bottom of what living the perfect life in Tuscany really entails. Living in the idyllic hills of Pescia in Tuscany, the Turnball family must be the envy of many city-dwellers. Six years ago Richard and Sarah decided to leave the UK to pursue their dream of living the good life in Tuscany. After several successful summers renting out their stone farmhouse they’ve decided to close the doors on holiday guests. Throughout this series the couple put their experience to good use by hiring themselves out as expert trouble-shooters to other Brits who are in search of their own Tuscan dream, while also maintaining their own home and sustainable lifestyle.

But things don’t always go according to plan. From snake infestations to unimpressed clients, Richard and Sarah must overcome numerous challenges to keep their dream alive. With stunning scenery and innovative and sometimes amusing solutions to rural Italian challenges, The Great Italian Escape is both visually and culturally inspiring.

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