The Investigator Special: The Case Against Robin Bain

Documentary maker Bryan Bruce hopes that tonight’s broadcast of the Investigator Special: The Case Against Robin Bain, will encourage New Zealanders to have a more balanced view of Robin Bain.

“Here was a man who was a missionary, a teacher for 37 years, a man with a wry sense of humour who loved his family, who was in effect put on trial and vilified without the benefit of a proper legal defence. That cannot be just and fair,” Bruce said.

“David got a fair trial last year. His father did not.”

“There was no forensic evidence that linked Robin Bain to any of the murdered family” Bruce said “and the documentary revealed the questionable chain of actions Robin would have had to have performed – including shooting himself without leaving any of his bloody finger prints on the bloody gun.”

The new evidence revealed in the documentary called into question some of the testimony given by the defence witnesses which portrayed Robin Bain as a depressed man with alcohol and sexual problems.

The most serious revelations however, came in the last part of the programme in which Bruce singled out the evidence of the defence’s surprise witness Daryl Young for special attention.

“In many ways” said Bruce “I think Robin was a victim of the 2006 Evidence Act which allowed in all the hearsay evidence against him and since he and his daughter are dead his reputation cannot be easily defended.”

“When our lawmakers look back at what we should learn from the Bain case, I would hope they will review the disclosure rules so that the defence have the same obligations to disclose as the prosecution. And I think they need to consider whether families ought to be able to take defamation action against people who speak ill of their next of kin,” said Bruce.

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  • Rusty Viewer

    My thoery, for what it’s worth, is that Robin Bain murdered the family, but when David Bain came home, in a reactionary rage, he murdered his father.

  • Kook



    “Dad your gonna die!!! but first change out of the blood covered clothes so I can wash them. Blood is murder to get out”