Thursday night is overloaded

I’m figuring out what I am going to do.

TV1 is airing the movie length premiere “This is Not My Life”, at the same time Prime is airing “Survivors”. Then there is the usual shows I watch on C4.

Now look at Wednesday night. There is nothing on except maybe “True Blood” which I’m not really into or “Castle” which I haven’t got round to seeing yet. V: The Remake sucks, so I’m not going there.

Back to Thursdays, my only option is to tape TV1 and switch back and forth between Prime and C4.

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  • Rusty Viewer

    Time to buy a twin tuner recorder perhaps?

  • reece_555

    This is not my life is being repeated on Sunday so watch it then and tape one of the others.

  • wohucanglong

    Sounds like you need a myFreeview recorder.

  • Lucas73

    Sunday at 7.30 I have 3 recorders going and watch a fourth channel and I still miss Sunday on ONE. Can anyone tell me if they still repeat the previous weeks Sunday on sunday morning? For a while they were playing old repeats.