Tough Guy Or Chicken? Siberia

7:30pm Wednesday, July 21 on Prime

Documentary Series


On the second challenge on their epic journey, our five adventurers travel to the Siberian Arctic. Here they are to become Evenki reindeer-herders, a people who have survived in one of the most hostile locations on Earth for thousands of years. This is about learning to deal with extreme cold, without home comforts. The Brits arrive in a world that’s lifted straight from the ice age – but for locals it’s what they call spring. And it’s one of the busiest times of year, when reindeer herds need to be corralled and then moved to new pastures. The boys have just six days to prove themselves to their trainer for the week, Evenki herder Nikolai Mikhailovich.

To become Evenki the boys have to learn to control a reindeer sledge – the only reliable form of transport in a place where motor vehicles crack and fuel freezes. If they satisfy Nikolai they’ll travel out to the herd, setting camp in bone-snapping temperatures, and attempting to fish through a metre of ice. Come through it all and they face the ultimate challenge to stay out all night, guarding Nikolai’s herd from local wolves. Question is: Will vegetarian Ben cope after his experience in Ecuador when only meat is on the menu again? Has Easton recovered from his altitude sickness and his injured pride? And can Reuben learn not to ignore everything his trainer says?

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